Cost Effective, Uncontended Internet Connections

AIRFibre Elite dedicated ethernet is Quickline’s premium high speed connectivity service for businesses that demand high availability and capacity services. It is provided as a dedicated connection with the option to converge your internet, site-to-site connectivity and voice services on to one single network. The service, which is fully managed and monitored, is backed up by an impressive Service Level Agreement meaning you can get on with running your business with peace of mind.

Most businesses today rely heavily on their Internet access and it has become a crucial part of their operations and success. In many cases businesses want a fixed monthly cost and guaranteed, uncontended bandwidth that ensures they have the speeds they need to maximise their productivity.

In under 10 days your business could be enjoying the benefits of Airfibre Elite. This, our flagship product offers businesses a cost effective, uncontended connection to the internet and/or between sites.

A range of speeds and a flexible upgrade path mean businesses can benefit from guaranteed bandwidth availability when they need it.

  • Uncontended
  • Guaranteed speed on demand
  • Bandwidth flexibility
  • Fixed low cost installation
  • Fully managed rackmount router
  • Greater ROI
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater resilience
  • No distance from exchange limitations
  • True diversity