Connecting Growing Businesses & Primary Schools

Dedicated Internet Anywhere

Quickline uses a combination of technologies to deliver dedicated internet to your business regardless of how remote or how poor traditional providers are in the area. These services will be delivered to your business either via fibre or wireless depending on your location. Either way the services are reliable and flexible and backed with industry beating levels of support. Blending a dedicated base speed with contended superfast bursting gives your team the best possible user experience.

Beanstalk can grow with you allowing you to flex up your connectivity during your contract as your business expands, or down if you need to cut back quickly

If you have an expanding business and have out grown ‘broadband’ products, then this is the product for you. Beanstalk by Quickline is the next step in the Business Connect range and gives you an ideal mix of constant and reliable uncontended base speed with the added benefit of bursting superfast internet; simply choose your package. These services offer exceptional value in the marketplace as they introduce dedicated connectivity at the fraction of a leased line cost, you get fixed IPs and industry beating levels of local support. These packages are the ideal partner if you are considering any of the following; CCTV, remote workers, cloud based services, expanding teams, telephone systems etc.

We don’t believe in caps and feel the internet should be enjoyed without the fear of giant additional charges at the end of the month. All Quickline’s Beanstalk packages are Totally Unlimited.

*If Quickline are unable to connect you over their core network alternative technologies may be offered to you, some of these alternatives use partner networks and have data caps but this will be explained at the time of ordering.

Simply call Quickline on 01482 24-7-365 to get the ball rolling. You will be assigned one of our Business Account Managers who will discuss your needs and guide you through the rest of the process.

These packages are only available over the Quickline core network and may be delivered by Advanced Fixed Wireless Access (aFWA), Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). Please use the Coverage Checker above to see what services are available to your property.

Product Beanstalk PRO Beanstalk PROPLUS Beanstalk MAX
Bursting Download 30Mbps 50Mbps Fastest Available
Min Download Speed 10Mbps 20Mbps 30Mbps
Min Upload Speed 10Mbps 20Mbps 30Mbps
Fixed IP Yes* Yes* Yes*
Data Allowance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Quarterly in Advance Cost* (plus vat) £285 (£95 monthly equivalent) £585 (£195 monthly equivalent) £885 (£295 monthly equivalent)
Installation Fee £495 + VAT £495 + VAT £495 + VAT
Contract Length 24 Months 24 Months 24 Months

*1 useable IP is provided - additional IPs are available as a cost option.

At Quickline we have redesigned its service level agreements to better reflect the needs of our customers. We have used the inspiration of the ultimate service business, premium airlines, to create this new portfolio.

Quickline has partnered with Smoothwall, Procera and The Internet Watch Foundation to create an industry leading solution for education and businesses anywhere.

Our system is used extensively in the region’s schools and adult education facilities to help protect students from inappropriate online content.

In business, filters can help keep people on task by removing access to distracting content, such as social media and this can be customised to allow certain groups and/or levels of access, e.g. access at lunchtime. Content filtering can also dramatically reduce your traffic and free up resources for business activities.