Case Studies

Chris Bainborough is an entrepreneur who owns a couple of businesses, one of which is Grosvenor House Care Home in East Stockwith, Lincolnshire. As is the case with many of our customers in villages and rural areas, Chris was having trouble with another main broadband supplier, receiving a connection speed that was unable to accommodate a modern business. Despite being given lots of excuses and reassured that the service would improve, he had to deal with speeds of just 1Mbps, which made even the simplest tasks such as sending emails a slow and clunky process.

Chris wasn't alone, as other companies in the village were suffering from slow speeds too. This really isn't acceptable in this day and age, as every type of business needs to know that it can work, share, collaborate and sell online quickly and efficiently. What's more, residents couldn't enjoy popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime, rendering smart TVs a waste of money.

Luckily, Chris discovered Quickline and promptly got in touch with our helpful sales team. Unlike other providers, we constantly use innovation to solve problems, in this instance installing a mast at Chris's farming business. Whilst serving his home and companies, this mast is also connecting fifty other houses in the area with speeds of up to 50Mbps - fifty times their previous top speed.

Chris says: "Quickline's superfast broadband is very reliable and problems are rare. East Stockwith as a whole has hugely benefitted from this technology, and even local landlords can charge higher rent thanks to this addition."

A recent development at Grosvenor House Care Home is it entering into the NHS Digital system: "The connectivity is literally life-saving for us. Quickline have allowed us to be early adopters of the system, rather than fearing we might be left behind and literally can't run our businesses. I can't emphasise enough how important it is for us to stay connected."

He also adds: "Demographically, the village has become more sustainable. We would struggle to keep younger generations and families in the area without the connectivity provided by Quickline, and would in turn be looking at a downturn in population in the future. In fact, the quote from the local parish is 'sustainability is connectivity', as it's an absolute game changer."

Chris is now looking into fast response systems for the residents at Grosvenor House Care Home using pressure pads, all made possible by Quickline's fast, reliable and secure connectivity.

Whether you live in a bustling city or a secluded rural community, Quickline can deliver superfast internet anywhere. For a friendly chat about our wide-ranging services, please contact us on 01482 24-7-365 or email and let us know what you need.

A PARTNERSHIP between an East Yorkshire internet provider and a church is set to provide hard-to-reach villagers with better broadband connectivity.

Quickline Communications is working with Howden Minster to give a helping hand to residents in the area suffering from poor internet connectivity.

Deployment of Quickline aerials on the grade one-listed building have facilitatedimprovement in broadband speeds to villages within a ten mile radius, offering connection speeds of up to 30Mbps.

While some residents in the area have fibre broadband available, others receive below 1Mbps.

The new equipment will enable more than 250 properties in nearby villages to gain access to superfast broadband. These include Newsholme, Brind, Foggathorpe and Kilpin, as well as Knedlington, where currently half of the properties have access to fibre broadband, but the other half do not, as demand is too high.

Hayley Silvester, from Quickline Communications, said:

“As part of the ongoing partnership between Howden Minster and Quickline, we will be sponsoring a number of the events throughout the year, as well as providing wi-fi connectivity within the minster for use by parishioners before and after services and other social activities.”

“The Minster will also be able to stream services to people who may be unable to attend in person, as well as providing updates on repairs, alterations and fundraising activities using social media and a dedicated church email.”

Ms Silverster says that the firm’s wireless technology helps to reach internet users in rural areas. She said:

“Our technology is wireless and this gives us the ability to reach many rural areas that are not commercially viable for traditional telecoms.

“A fibre-enabled cabinet needs to be within two miles of a village in order to deliver maximum speeds, then coppercable is used to deliver the internet to the premise.”

“In many rural areas the cable travels across fields, uphill and down dale before reaching its final destination, which then slows down the connection, making it almost impossible to download even a simple email.”

Ian Stewart, secretary to the Howden and Barmby on the Marsh PCC, said:

“Howden Minster is delighted to work with Quickline to provide high speed modern communications in the area. Quickline is a local company and the Minster is the most significant building in our town. The Church is keen to play a role in modern society and this is one way we can help the flow of communications for everyone.”

Catherine Copp, secretary to the Diocese of York’s Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches said:

“Howden Minster is an outstanding building, which has served its community for more than 700 years, and we’re glad to be able to extend that into the digital age.”

To find out more about Quickline and our services, you can call our friendly specialists on 01482 24-7-365.

Broadband and wifi is an expectation of many customers and visitors to businesses in the UK, however issues with rural broadband are well-known with some areas experiencing problems receiving less than 1Mb which is simply not acceptable in the 21st Century.

Working in partnership with The PC Support Company (PCSCUK) in Scunthorpe, Quickline provides a variety of services to businesses including wireless internet, CCTV and guest/outdoor wifi.

Voted as Europe’s Safest, Biggest, & BEST Paintball Centre - Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields is an adrenalin fuelled corporate, friends and family day out. Suitable for all ages, the activities include; paint balling and laser, archery, axe and tomahawk throwing.

Set in the woods, the site is a rural location and using Quickline’s superfast wireless broadband, the business is able to take advantage of online marketing.

The guest wifi which operates outside in the woodland area, where visitors use Facebook Live to share their experience with friends on social media. To stream this type of video, users require a superfast and resilient broadband connection which is usually impossible in rural areas however Quickline offers a 50Mbps package which is sufficient for the activity park.

Visitors to the centre can access the guest wifi which is a special network for mobile devices, made available from the main wifi network. This includes the highest security and coverage up to 300 metres, with superfast speeds, data collection and bandwidth management.

PCSCUK works with Quickline to install the equipment. In this case a redundant helicopter has been used for the mast location.

The solutions are excellent for all types of businesses but even better for cafes, restaurants, hotels and pubs as logins can be created for the guest network that will also collect details to help with promotion and marketing.

PCSCUK uses our existing fast stable and wide network which is better than most ADSL broadband connections all without the need for a telephone land line which reduces the monthly cost without line rental.

For further information about The PC Support Company and Bawtry Paintball Fields, please visit:

Lightweight aggregates manufactured by Lytag® have been used in construction projects around the world from London's Canary Wharf to Dubai International Airport and Eton College Rowing Centre to Cardiff Millennium Stadium.

The product is truly environmentally friendly, formulated by taking the PFA (ash) from Drax Power Station and converting this into aggregate using a patented process.

Lytag® has been a Quickline customer since the opening of the newly built factory on the Drax Power Station site in August 2013.

Robert Fuller is one of Britain's foremost wildlife artists. His paintings sell all over the world and his trademark, highly-detailed images have been adopted at home by the RSPB and the National Trust. He has exhibited in wildlife galleries across Europe and up to 7,000 people visit his own gallery in North Yorkshire each year.

His life-long passion for the natural world was shaped by his upbringing on a farm in the Yorkshire Wolds. But living and working in these beautiful surroundings has one short-fall.. a poor internet connection and for many years, rural businesses like Robert E Fuller Gallery have been victim to the digital divide.

The gallery had been paying £500 per month for satellite internet until Quickline made an investment at the nearby Garrowby Estate to install a wireless internet mast.

Victoria Fuller, manager of the gallery says:
"Initially, Quickline's installation team couldn't get a clear line of sight to the gallery due to our surroundings, so they built a repeater mast at a farmhouse a short distance away. Once the site was live, the engineers set us up in just a couple of hours."

"The connection is very reliable and has made a huge difference to the way we run our business. We are now able to upload large video files to send to TV companies and journalists, as well as being able to manage several different social media sites including YouTube. We also communicate much more effectively with sharing files to printers and suppliers."

"Overall, now that we have faster broadband we can streamline our business."

For businesses like Robert E Fuller Gallery struggling to get online, please call Quickline on 01482 247365.

Under new management since January 2017, the Chestnut Horse Pub in Kelk, near Driffield in East Yorkshire has been given a whole new lease of life.

The new business is thriving with a home-from-home experience and traditional pub food, done very well. Pies are the main attraction with over 50 recipes developed by the award winning chef, who makes 10 varieties available at any one time.

The new managers, Lucy Scrivens and Kevin Dodsworth lived in a cottage over the road from the pub and when the opportunity came up to buy, they jumped at the chance as Lucy had worked there as head chef previously.

Knowing well what it is like to live with poor internet through traditional telecoms, Kevin and Lucy received a maximum 1.5Mbps at home and on some days had no internet at all. But as the pub hosts one of Quickline's masts it now provides superfast broadband speeds of up to 70Mbps, to residents and businesses in the village and surrounding area.

The Chestnut Horse has superfast broadband which enables use of the internet for business purposes and social media which is the sole method of advertising.

Kevin says:
"We have decorated and updated the pub throughout, put in log burners to keep the old rooms warm, we have fresh flowers on display and always have a smile for all of our customers, those who live within walking distance and those who travel to visit us."

"Customers all have access to the wifi and even when the pub is full and many customers are using the connection it doesn't affect the speed. There is nothing more frustrating than slow internet but we don't need to worry about it in Kelk, thanks to Quickline's superfast service."

The Chestnut Horse is part of our connecting communities campaign which is another example of how superfast broadband can support a local business. Kevin and Lucy would like to give Quickline's Facebook followers the opportunity to win a meal for 2. To enter: please like and and tag 2 friends in the pinned post on our page. The winner will be chosen at random on Friday 13 October 2017.

If you would like to find out how your pub can get involved, please call us on 01482 247365

Case Study: Mobile phones for Amvale Medical Transport Limited (AMTL).

Amvale Medical Transport Limited (AMTL) is an independent private company, established in
1988 from its rural base in Northern Lincolnshire from where the Company quickly broadened its geographical penetration across the UK and into Western Europe.

The Company's focus is within the specialist medical transport areas of secure patient movement, patients for transplant, emergency transplant medical team response, emergency organ transplant movement and medical training. Their most recent success was the award of 3 contracts in support of NHS Blood & Transplant in covering the coordinated movement of specialist nurses, organ retrieval teams and donated organs across the UK.

The transplant process triggers a complex and time-sensitive chain of events where the key element is the coordinated communication of complex travel plans, which are managed through their 24/7, Emergency Control Centre. Outside of the human interface of the complex management, is the dependency on mobile communications systems; this is where since early 2016 Quickline Communications have been instrumental in the AMTL support network.

AMTL rely on a communications company that understands the personal services and understanding of their mobile telecoms requirements and systems. All supported by a contracts manager who can deliver an infrastructure of solid communications platforms that provides a network base to allow them access across the UK. Working with Quickline, identified the problem areas that would face their overall planning and Quickline's advice was sound, customised and cost effective.

Quickline Communications now manage over 250 mobile phones for AMTL on the EE Network, whose 3G and 4G network coverage allows them a sound operational platform to ensure they have effective communications.

Quickline's bespoke and personalised service to AMTL has allowed them in turn to be part of a national network of professionals delivering time critical and life-saving services. We look forward to a partnership that will take us both well into the future, with Quickline Communications advising them and delivering for them.

Wall of Sound is an Aladdin's cave of audio visual delights, selling TVs, sound systems and other electrical goods to the general public. A visit to the shop is an adventure in time and space; seeing Planet of the Apes on a 100 inch TV in surround sound is truly out of this world. A visit to the store is highly recommended.

Wall of Sound is based in Holme upon Spalding Moor in what used to be The Kingfisher Pub. Many of these types of businesses now just retail online, but Wall of Sound is different as approximately 8,000 vehicles pass by its roadside store front in the popular market town every day, making it a fantastic location for a retail business.

Many customers are based in the surrounding villages, farmers as well as other rural businesses and residents want the home cinema experience, but smart TVs require access to a minimum 10Mbps internet connection which has until recently been an impossibility.

Jo Beevers, manager of Wall of Sound says:

'Now that superfast wireless broadband from Quickline is available in the area, we have become resellers. This is also great for our business as local residents can buy the smart TVs and media centres they have wished for.'

'The additional mast site at Holme on Spalding Moor Church will reach even further, especially as it is so high up on the hill. It will have a reach of a 10 mile radius.'

'Even in remote rural areas, Quickline can provide internet connection speeds of up to 50Mbps. Needless to say our customers are very happy with the service and we are really pleased to be able to offer it to them.'

Quickline recommends if you want the best experience home cinema and sound has to offer, visit Wall of Sound - we guarantee you’ll be blown away.

Wall of Sound
New Inn Corner
Market Weighton Road
Holme on Spalding Moor
YO43 4EE

Tel. 01430 861271

Rural Roosts is a Lincolnshire based, family run business, owned by Katie and Tim Olivant, providing self catering pine holiday lodges in a peaceful countryside setting.

The lodges are part of Manor Farm which is located in Stainfield, a quiet village 8 miles east of Lincoln. Visitors enjoy 300 acres of grassland, wild flower meadows, wetlands, birds and other wildlife along with the farm's sheep and Hereford cattle. Rural Roosts is the perfect rural retreat.

As much as it is great to get away from modern-life, guests of Rural Roosts did not have access to a reasonable internet connection. With the previous internet provider, the farm was too far away from the exchange, only able to receive up to 2Mbps and with no hope of improvement in sight, the business owners were concerned, as customers complained about the wifi and some who enquired about it before booking, were put off.

After discovering Quickline in 2015, Katie tested out the service in her home and office. Instantly impressed with the service, took the plunge and connected all of the lodges.

Katie Olivant says:

'We had started to loose bookings because we couldn't offer reliable wifi. But sometimes a poor connection is more frustrating than no connection at all, so we wanted to put Quickline to the test before offering it to our customers.'

'We are absolutely delighted with Quickline as we receive 30Mbps, needless to say we are very happy with the service. It gives our customers the opportunity to stay in touch with work, if they want to and also use social media.'

'We have had great feedback, with some guests commenting it is faster than their connection at home.'

Rural Roosts signed up to Quickline's Beanstalk Pro30 package and also ConnectCall which provides a landline telephone service.

If you want to discover a little bit of paradise with the benefits of home, visit Rural Roosts. You won't want to leave.

Rural Roosts Self catering pine holiday lodges in the heart of Lincolnshire
T: 01526 398492
M: 07712 771102

Steel made in Scunthorpe by Tata Steel has been used in landmark structures all over the world to include the construction of the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the T’sing Ma bridge in Hong Kong. Closer to home, it has been used in constructions such as the new Wembley stadium, the Humber Bridge and Heathrow Terminal 5. It’s even used to produce everyday objects such as paperclips and lightbulbs.

Tata Steel’s has a number of remote locations such as pumping stations, which were outside the range of traditional providers such as BT. Our solution securely connected all of these sites back to their control centre allowing readings to be taken and systems to be controlled in real-time. Due to the increased upload speeds customers enjoy when using Quickline services, Tata were able to use the surplus upload bandwidth to introduce cost effective CCTV to protect these vulnerable remote sites.

The services that Tata Steel used to facilitate this solution are multiple AIRFibre Pro managed connections set up as private circuits. This means that there is no need for the data that is transmitted to leave the Quickline network at any point to cross the wider internet. It is a good example of how owning our own infrastructure allows us to deliver unique and bespoke services to our clients.

Redhouse Park is a residential park for the over 50s, offering a life of peace and tranquillity in a secure close knit community.

Situated one mile from the village of Hatfield Woodhouse and nine miles from Bawtry, this rural location is too far away from a street cabinet to receive a traditional fibre internet connection.

Rod Grice co-owns and manages the park. He says:

"We have found a big difference in the speed and reliability of our broadband connection since moving to Quickline. We previously had a speed of just less than 1Mbps, which we put down to the fact that our landline telephone cables, from BT were over 40 years old and are no longer reliable, or capable of providing the higher speeds. Now our residents receive between 10Mbps and 30Mbps depending on the package they have signed up to."

"Residents who recently moved to Quickline tell us that they are receiving far faster broadband speeds, and many can now download films and the like, which they could not do before."

"All the residents on the park are above the age of 50 and many have children and grandchildren, some of whom live a distance away. They can now communicate regularly via Skype which was almost impossible with the slower broadband speeds."

"From a business point of view, we could not run our business efficiently without a reliable internet service which is now used for online banking, HMRC returns, replying to enquiries via email, promotion of our business via the website and purchasing of goods, etc."

"We have already recommended Quickline to a number of our neighbours, and some are already reaping the benefits."

Kelk in East Yorkshire became a main feature on BBC Look North when it went from being a BT ‘not spot’ to probably the fastest village in the region. Many local residents wanted to work from home and/or were running their own business and only dial up was available. The sudden availability of superfast broadband has transformed their lives and dramatically reduced their carbon foot print!