Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a data limit?

Your data limit depends on which package you choose. If you find that you need more data each month, upgrading is fast, easy and affordable.

Will my speeds vary?

Speeds depend on how many other users are online at a given time. For example, evenings are always the busiest periods, so this could affect speeds a little. However, we do everything we can to guarantee great speeds, plus the Fair Access Policy (FAP) is designed to manage traffic and deliver the best quality of service for every customer.

Does FAP apply to all data?

Yes, it covers downloads and uploads.

Does the weather ever affect services?

We’ve designed our systems with the UK’s highly changeable weather in mind. This means that gusty winds, heavy rainfall, summer heat, thick snow and other conditions should have little to no impact on our service delivery. In the event that service is slowed temporarily, your system will automatically return to normal as soon as the extreme weather has run its course.

Can I connect my Quickline to a network?

Yes, if desired you can connect to a compatible wireless router or another network LAN device.

What if I leave Quickline?

First of all, we’ll be sorry to see you go and encourage feedback that will help us to further improve our service. If you do leave, any hardware that you purchased is yours to keep. If you rent your hardware as part of a monthly service, it is your responsibility to return it to us. There’s also the option of paying a small charge for having an engineer visit to de-install everything and remove the hardware.


What is a Wireless Internet Service Provider?

A Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) delivers the high speeds you can get through a traditional broadband provider but using wireless technology instead of cables. As a result, a landline isn’t necessary.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Any wireless device or system that remains in a fixed location is called Fixed Wireless. For example, a fixed connection could supply your home or office, supplied via a small antenna attached to the building and receiving a direct signal from a nearby WISP tower. This system enables a fast, secure and reliable connection.

How long does it take to get connected?

If you are within our wireless network, we can usually get everything up and running within a few weeks. If you are outside our existing coverage areas, we’ll provide information and updates on when we plan to expand to your neighbourhood.

How long does installation take?

This typically only takes a couple of hours. If we anticipate the job will take longer, we’ll let you know why and provide a timeframe.

Will the router provide internet to the entire property?

This depends on the size of your property and the materials in the building. Wireless signals are blocked by glass, walls and objects, the thickness and distance appart will determine if they can be passed through. Quickline only guarantee service in the room in which the router is installed. However, most of the time coverage spreads throughout small to medium properties.

If you would like us to carry out a wireless survey, we can do this for you and we can then recommend products to ensure your high speed internet is available to you no matter where you are in your property.

Will this Quickline connection add value to my property?

It is widely recognised that a fast, secure and reliable connection often adds value to a home and makes for a more attractive estate agent listing.

I already have an Internet Service Provider. Can I still move to Quickline?

Yes, you can. Due to a Quickline connection not requiring a telephone line, we can install our service and then all you have to do is cancel your existing one.

Can I change my Service Plan?

Yes, just get in touch on 01482 247365 or email