Agricultural businesses vary in size but have a number of things in common. By their very nature they are rural and therefore often poorly served by the traditional wire based internet providers. Numbers of concurrent business users tend to be low but the connection is often mixed use, shared between home and business, and old farmhouses are challenging environments for WiFi. Security tends to be a major concern for agricultural businesses with CCTV being on most shopping lists. Increasingly renewables are playing a part and these, along with other remote plant such as drainage pumps and irrigators, these all benefit from connectivity. Mobile phones are a necessity of everyday activities.

Quickline has packaged a range of products and services to address the needs of this sector please see the table below.

  • Temporary connections
  • Linking buildings
  • Linking remote plant and renewables
  • Mobile Communication
    • Mobile Phones
    • Mobile Data
  • Phone Systems
  • Lines and Calls
  • Voice over IP
  • CCTV
  • Trackers
  • Content Filtering
  • Business Resilience
  • WiFi Networks
  • Managed Print