Schools are usually relatively light users from their own administration but still require fixed line phone systems, usually a small number of mobiles and internet. The curriculum network however is a relatively intensive user with entire classes often requiring video rich content concurrently. A quality WiFi network is the backbone of an effective school deployment and often handles large numbers of laptops and tablets alongside safeguarding measures such as CCTV and access control. eSafety measures are obviously a primary objective, at a minimum content filtering of inappropriate content is required, but more advanced systems that monitor alarm words, track for RIPA compliance etc. are becoming the norm.

  • Temporary connections
  • Linking buildings
  • Linking remote plant and renewables
  • Mobile Communication
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  • Phone Systems
  • Lines and Calls
  • Voice over IP

Quickline has partnered with Smoothwall, Procera and The Internet Watch Foundation to create an industry leading solution for education and businesses anywhere.

Our system is used extensively in the region’s schools and adult education facilities to help protect students from inappropriate online content.

In business, filters can help keep people on task by removing access to distracting content, such as social media and this can be customised to allow certain groups and/or levels of access, e.g. access at lunchtime. Content filtering can also dramatically reduce your traffic and free up resources for business activities.

  • CCTV
  • Trackers
  • Content Filtering
  • Business Resilience
  • WiFi Networks
  • Managed Print