Helping Make the Net a Safer Place

Quickline is introducing the option of free adult orientated site blocking to its home services from 1st December 2016. Please note customers can opt in or out of this service at any time. There are three blocking levels available;

• I do not need the service / I have my own parental controls
• Blocking of sites with strong sexual themes
• In addition to the above this policy also blocks access to sites that feature mature content, abortion, alcohol, crime, cults, drugs, gambling, hate, sexual orientation, suicide, tobacco or violence.

Please note: this is a real-time filter and we do not track or record our customers internet activities. As such we can not give information on what sites have been viewed or where attempted access has been blocked. There are systems and services available, for a fee, from a number of providers that can log activity and give higher levels of user controls and flexibility. These are changing all the time so please check online reviews for recommendations.

No parental controls or filtering options are 100% effective. Although our filters are highly effective against accidental browsing, as children grow up, they can learn how to get round the parental controls. Also if your child accesses 3G or 4G, from a mobile device, the parental controls on the home internet connection are irrelevant.

Although filters help, especially in the earlier years, they do not replace the importance of talking to your children about the potential risks online. There are a number of places to go for more information and help such as

A number of sites are always blocked on the Quickline network, these include the blocklist of the Internet Watch Foundation, along with known Phishing and Malware sites. For full information on our Network blocking policy please read our document Net Neutrality & Web Blocking Policy