Saving our animal skins with help from Quickline

This natural animal product company could not run without the help of Quickline’s Superfast Internet

Aromesse specializes in the manufacture of remedies made with essential oils and herbal extracts. These remedies are specifically for horses and dogs and are far outperforming other well known products on the market, produced on-site in Lincolnshire with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Karen Marriott, owner of Aromesse says:“Before Quickline our internet was painfully slow, or even none existent. We were promised all sorts from other companies, but nothing ever happened, it was so frustrating.”

“We started our business in 2002. It is a fully digital and telephone sales company, the first of which are now provided by Quickline and we’ll be looking to take on Quickline’s VOIP service in the near future. The speeds are more than enough for all our connectivity and sales, and the experience has been very positive.”

“If we have ever had any issues with our connection, which is rare, Quickline’s support have been quick to react. Our business wouldn’t be the success it is today without Quickline’s fast and secure product.”

Aromesse uses suppliers from all over the world, and sells to all over the world, which would be pretty much impossible without Quickline’s fast reliable internet.

Hayley Silvester, Head of Sales at Quickline comments: “Aromesse is another success story in the East Stockwith /Blyton Area. We’re proud to receive more and more good reviews from this and surrounding areas.”