Neptune Sonar ‘seas’ the benefit of Ultrafast Broadband

Neptune Sonar has been operating for 30 years and specialises in manufacturing acoustic sensors and underwater sonar. Many of their clients are involved in the oil and gas industry and are located overseas. They employ a workforce in excess of 40 and the office is located in remote, rural East Yorkshire. The traditional broadband offering speed was only delivering 2mbps, woefully inadequate to run a business of this size.

Neil Dearing, Managing Director Neptune Sonar said - ‘For the last few years we have had a fixed wireless solution from Quickline which delivered speeds of 50mbps. This service was fantastic, however when they approached us to say that they were upgrading us to gigabit capable speeds utilising the Gigabit Vouchers we couldn’t believe it as we are an extremely rural business. We now have a connection that is capable of a gigabit, improving our internet so much that we are now able to look at a fully hosted platform and VoIP.’

Quickline upgraded the bandwidth locally and is now delivering gigabit capable speeds to the small village in East Yorkshire. They have worked with local landowners to bring fibre into the village and have been overwhelmed by the local residents support. Some residents have even dug their own trenches!

Quickline use a combination of technologies to bring superfast broadband to hard to reach areas or where traditional operators have limited capabilities. This is what we do and have been doing so for over 10 years. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access superfast broadband no matter how remote.

Hayley Silvester Head of Business Sales at QL - ‘We have reacted to customer needs and use innovative technologies to deliver bespoke solutions. The government backed Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme has facilitated the roll out of Ultrafast Broadband to the residents and businesses of Kelk. The success of this project has enabled us to offer the same service to many of our customers located in rural, hard to reach areas. As a company, we believe that fast, reliable broadband should be for everyone.’

For more information about Quickline and how we deliver superfast broadband to rural areas, please call 01482 24-7-365 or email