Mobile Data

Keeping Your Team Connected on the Move

Data Services

Be online wherever you are by using a mobile broadband dongle stick or a SIM card placed directly into a iPad or other tablet. This sim has a data package which feeds data to your device allowing you to be online even on the move.

With a MiFi device you can create yourself a ‘mobile office hub’ by pairing up to 10 devices to the wireless connection the MiFi provides.

With more flexibility to connect to many devices such as: tablets, laptops, mobile devices & IT peripherals the MiFi device can mobilise you in the most remote of circumstances.

Use your mobile data allowance to feed other devices with data. Activating your mobile phone as a ‘hotspot’ allows for other devices to pair with your mobile and ‘piggy back’ off your mobile data allowance.

For temporary sites such as a portacabin on a building site the use of fixed external unit feeding an internal router can be a favourable alternative to satellite.

We would discuss current usage patterns to determine which data service is appropriate for each data user. Weighing up pro’s and con’s to each service to ensure each user makes the most of their data capabilities. This my be individual tariffs or a sharer package.

Once agreed, we then analyse the market to find the best rate and coverage combination for your application.

Beanstalk can grow with you allowing you to step up your connectivity during your contract as your business expands, or down if you need to cut back quickly.