Business Mobile Phones

Why Choose Quickline Services Ltd

Our team is committed to delivering a commendable and highly personal service. Whether it’s our sales support team or our fulfilment staff, everyone holds experience that is both rich and varied. We offer a service that truly is second to none, with a varied understanding of mobile telecoms.

Quickline Services Ltd are building up a solid reputation, constructed by trust, integrity and willingness to adapt to each of our customer’s needs. Taking over the mobile industry, Quickline Services have a wealth of industry knowledge to provide our customers the best deals, covering all the leading networks, EE, O2 and Vodafone.

With over 12 years’ combined experience working with the biggest brands and networks, and as a leading business partner, Quickline Services can offer better commercials and the latest 4G technology handsets on the market, covering Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems, we deliver the most cost-effective business mobile solutions tailored to meet our customer’s needs solving all your mobile communications under one umbrella.

• Essential tools for mobile working, including flexibility of plans and devices
• Assurance of connectivity, reliability and speed on all networks
• Customised solutions to suit corporate customers as well as small businesses
• Free tariff analysis to ensure you are getting the best deal, device upgrades and retention of your existing account
• Guide you through the latest smart phones and help you select the right handsets for your business
Configure, programme and install each mobile according to your requirements
• Show you how to connect to the latest mobile business services such as mobile browsing and email

• Business-to-business communications provider
• Leading independent unified communications specialist
• Range of national networks behind us
• Bespoke, flexible packages that not only provide our customers with the best coverage in the UK but also deliver amazing savings and customer service
• Wealth of experience can help save you money through detailed analysis of your current usage and understanding of your specific needs, such as choosing the correct network, tariff and handset that is right for you
• Dedicated Business Account Managers
• We provide training, mentoring and tailored support

Our goal from day one has been to provide our customers with a competitive position in the market in order to leverage the best deals and optimise opportunity and margin.

Our dedicated and welcoming fulfilment team are on hand to help process connections quickly and efficiently. They are able to connect handsets directly with EE, O2 and Vodafone, and despatch them directly to the end user with any media they require enclosed within the package.

Mobile Plans

Single Plans – great for customers who only want to roll out data to part of the fleet or for customers who need greater allowances for individual users
Share Plan – great for customers who want to roll out data across a whole fleet without having to choose packages for individual users. Keep track of your usage on a Business Share plan which gives you more control over allowances

• Single User plans for sole traders to Business Share plans for multiple sharers up to 50
• 24 month contracts or 30 day rolling SIM Only plan
• Unlimited calls and texts are built in as standard on most of our plans
• Add the required data allowance
• Add any additional shared minutes
• Add any necessary roaming minutes and data

• Single User plans or Business Share plans for multiple sharers 50+
• 24 month contracts or 30 day rolling SIM Only plan
• Unlimited calls and texts are built in as standard on most of our plans
• Add the required data allowance
• Add any additional shared minutes
• Add any necessary roaming minutes and data

We offer a range of 4G WiFi plans for businesses, whether you need a great value plan or a plan that’s packed with data. There is a great range of 24-month tablet plans with a range of data add-ons so your never run out of data. We offer a range of tablets on great value plans.

Quickline Services ensure your Single User plans or Business Share plans are sufficient for your monthly usage and advise if a talk plan requires an increase to help keep your monthly costs as low as possible, and avoid high additional charges. We provide free online billing reports with networks EE, O2 & Vodafone with a monthly email breakdown highlighting additional charges, and creating personal tailored reports to suit your needs.

We want Quickline to be a highly valued business by: the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate and the quality and commitment of the members of our own team.

We provide the latest mobile and data devices from key manufacturers in the industry;