Technical Support

Your IP Address is;

The ISP you are connected to is; Amazon Technologies Inc.


Speed Test

Please complete the following;

1. Plug your computer directly in to the router with a cable
(Please ensure you only have the web browser running on the computer and are not connected to VPN's or any other services)

2. Ensure that no other devices are using the connection - such as TV's, game consoles or computers.

3. Use the website
(Note this is the site we have the most confidence in due to testing with our backend teams)

4. Please check your speeds at least 3 times throughout the day.

5. Please make a note of the times and speeds as the support engineer will discuss this with you.

Remote Access

Please download the below application when advised to do so by our support team.

In situations where your connection is completely offline please follow this list to diagnose the problem:

Check that there is no planned network maintenance or wider network issues reported on our Network Status Page.

Check that your service equipment is all powered, and power lights are clearly lit on all network equipment. If lights are not showing please plug some other piece of electrical equipment into the socket to check no breakers have tripped and their is power on that circuit.

Check that it's not your individual device that's not working by trying another device, such as another laptop, smartphone or tablet computer that is connected to the WiFi/Router. And/or check whether other people in your household or business are experiencing the same problem.

Check that it's not a problem with your WiFi. To do this, locate a device that can be hard-wired into the router and try with a cabled connection.

Check that the network cables connecting between the devices are all firmly connected and have not become dislodged or damaged.

Unplug the power cables powering the Quickline equipment, wait until all lights go out plus a further 10 seconds, and then plug everything back in.

DO NOT press any RESET buttons. This will cause the devices to factory default, and then you will need an engineer visit which will become a chargeable support issue.

If you have completed all of the steps above and still can't use the service, please contact us and report a fault. Please explain that you have completed all the checks in full. Our support team will be able to investigate further.