White Label Reseller


Quickline Communications are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the customer premises equipment - the fixed wireless and last mile fibre that connect homes and businesses. In this context our customers are the white-label resellers who rely on us to deliver the last mile and data services that households and businesses buy from them. We're working on behalf of white label resellers when we visit their customers' homes and businesses to carry out installations or repair work.

Who we work with

Quickline Communications provide White-Label Resellers with equal access to the local access network the fixed wireless and fibres that connect thousands of homes and businesses across the region. Quickline Communications have a direct channel but discount services to White-label Resellers, these are companies that bill and support their own customers under their own brand usually in conjunction with other services. As a minimum partners need to offer their own first line end user support and billing. End user installation can be by the Partner and/or Quickline Communications depending on the partner’s level of accreditation.

Getting set up to work with Quickline Communications

If you are a potential White-label Reseller who would like to add Quickline Communications’ products and services to your portfolio, we will help you through the Partner Establishment process. This will involve a number of activities including regulatory and commercial requirements, product familiarisation and basic design.